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Cosmetics Expiry Checklist

Should you be dumping that lippo into the bin? Find out the average shelf life of various makeup.
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Your favorite 3-year-old lipgloss still smells and looks okay, should you be ditching it anyway? Run your makeup inventory against our cosmetics expiry guide to see whether you ought to be trashing them instead of using them on your face.

Cosmetics expiry checklist

Always check the use-by labels on your cosmetics. Don't see any? Use this checklist below as a general guide:

Makeup Item
Use Within
Blusher (cream)12 months
Blusher (powder)2 years
Concealer12 months
Eye Liner2 years
Eyeshadow (cream)12 months
Eyeshadow (powder)2 years
Face Powder2 years
Foundation (oil-based)18 months
Foundation (water-based)12 months
Fragrance18 months
Lip Liner2 years
Lipgloss18 months
Lipstick2 years
Mascara3 months
Moisturizer3 months
Nail Poilsh12 months

Prolonging shelf life

In a hot and humid climate like ours, it is always wise to keep your cosmetics and skincare products away from direct sunlight.

Also, wash your makeup sponges and brushes weekly with warm soap water, and leave them to dry naturally. Do not add water into drying mascara: it won't work, and you're just introducing more bacteria into the tube. Sharpen your eye liner and lip liner pencils regularly to get rid of the bacteria growth on the tips. And if your compact powder case is broken or has cracked, get a new one.

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