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Nose Contouring: Makeup Tips for Your Nose Shape

Contour and highlight that makes the best of your nose shape.
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When applying formal full makeup, particularly for evening, contouring the nose helps achieve color balance for the whole face. Imagine what happens if you ignore the nose: colors everywhere on your face except for a blank spot in the center.

Nose contouring is also a nifty trick worth mastering if you wish to sculpt your nose using highlighting and contouring techniques.

Contouring & Highlighting Techniques for Different Noses
  • Flat Nose. Apply highlight down the center of the nose, avoiding the sides. Smooth and blend down the center.

  • Broad Nose. Slim down a broad nose with a foundation that is one shade darker than your natural skintone. Sweep along the sides of the nose with a small, firm makeup brush. Start just below the inner corners of the eyebrows, and end at the sides of the nostrils.
    Stroke a lighter shade of foundation down the bridge of the nose. Blend well.

  • Narrow Nose. Sweep concealer that's slightly darker than your natural skintone down the centre of your nose. Then use a lighter shade on the sides of your nose and nostrils.

  • Long Nose. Apply a foundation or concealer that is a few shades darker than your natural skintone onto the tip, between and around the nostrils.

Shine Off!
Wanna avoid looking like Rudolph with a shiny nose?
  • Skip Moisturizer. Skip the nose when you're applying moisturizer before makeup.
  • Mattify. Look for makeup primers or moisturizers that have mattifying property to keep shine off for longer hours.
  • Powder Power. Powder helps to soak up excess sebum. Slap on more powder around the nose, but making sure the finish still looks natural.
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