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Red Sun Takara Feet Plaster
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Senior Member
Senior Member
Joined: 26 February 2004
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Anyone used this product before?

Gurmit endorsed a similar product also, but not this brand .. UP is $9.90, now Guardian got 30% off for this.

How does it work?

Imagine how a tree draws water and nutrients from the soil and transports it to the various parts of the tree. Red Sun Takara Natural Tree Extract Plaster uses the same technique for the human body, drawing the extract from the plaster and delivering it to the various parts of the body that needs detoxifying.

The human body consists of reflex points, and specific ailments that we suffer are connected to these reflex points. You can target these points by using Red Sun Takara Natural Tree Extract Plaster.

Simply apply the Red Sun Takara Natural Tree Extract Plaster on areas like your wrist, shoulder, knee, ankle, groin or the base of your foot before sleeping, and leave it to work.

The next morning, you will notice the change in the color of Red Sun Takara Natural Tree Extract Plaster, with the darkness indicating the state of your health. With regular use, Red Sun Takara Natural Tree Extract Plaster will get lighter, indicating a progressive improvement of your health.


Posted: 04 June 2004 at 5:14pm · IP Logged

VIP Member
VIP Member
Joined: 16 November 2003
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same as the kinohimitsu one. they said it helps in getting a good night sleep but not sure about whether it helps to detoxify your body or not.

Posted: 04 June 2004 at 5:59pm · IP Logged

Senior Member
Senior Member
Joined: 07 January 2004
Posts: 3096
my mother bought.. she said the colour change on the plaster shows how much is detoxed.. dunno true anot
"Life is like a school, there is much to learn. Learn to forgive, to love and in all things, give thanks!"

Posted: 04 June 2004 at 9:14pm · IP Logged

Joined: 18 February 2004
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I tried b4. The packs will appear brownish and the amount & darkness depends on how much "toxins" is drawn. But for me, even after finishing 1 box of 20 pcs, the packs are still very brown (I did every nite for 10 nights). Dunno whether it's becos I'm too "poisoned" inside or it's a gimmicks. I stop after that as that time, it was quite $$ and dunno muz try how many packs b4 I can see the effect of "less brownish" colour.

Posted: 28 June 2004 at 3:26pm · IP Logged


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