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Give Him A Hand: Manual Sex Secrets

Send your man over the edge with these manual sex moves.
Pleasuring your man manually is one of the sexiest and most practical sack skills you can add to your bedroom repetoire. Most men are no strangers to manual stimulation, but when it's performed by their lover, it takes the pleasure to a different level. It's an erotic act in itself, or you can make manual sex a part of your foreplay to spice things up. "It's also a great technique to use when he wants sex and you don't or can't," says Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., author of Pleasure. Plus, it's easy to master. Here, a girl's guide to giving your guy a hand.

Getting hands-on

Essential to a great manual sex is sufficient lubrication. Because men's penises aren't equipped to be self-lubricating, you have to make sure, first and foremost, that your hands are warm and well lubricated -- friction can feel very uncomfortable without the use of lube. Squeeze a little water-based lubricant such as KY Jelly or a moisturizing lotion onto your palms.

Have your man lie on his back while you straddle his thighs. Then wrap the fingers of your dominant hand around the shaft of his penis, with your thumb on the underside along the ridge. With your other hand, place the thumb and index finger at the base of his member to stabilize it.

"Begin to gently but firmly slide your fist up and down the shaft," explains Hutcherson. Tighten your grasp slightly as your hand slides up and rubs over the head. Then slide back down to the base of his penis. The basic motion to master is a smooth, steady rhythm of up, down, up, down strokes. Begin slowly and ask him to let you know when you're hitting the right spots. Then gradually build up the speed as he gets more excited. Depending on how far you want to take this, you can either go all the way or, if it's a prelude to sex, slow down the strokes when he's dangerously close.

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