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Sensational Solo Sex: Advanced Techniques

More sensational ways to enjoy solo sex!

If you are no newbie to solo sexual pleasuring and you're seeking more ways to make your self-pleasure sessions even better, this is the perfect opportunity to hone your masturbation techniques. Get ready to go beyond the basics of solo sex and get twice the pleasure with these advanced tips from the sex experts.

Getting it on

When it comes to any kind of sex -- whether it's solo or partnered -- getting into the right mood helps enhance the pleasure you experience. Set aside some time for yourself when you have no obligations and some privacy. Dim the lights, don your silky knickers, whatever puts you in a sensual mood.

Start by lying down on a comfortable bed. Squeeze out a big dollop of lubricant, and apply it to the inner lips of the vagina and clitoris. With one hand, massage the entire area, adding more lube if you start to feel dry.

Use your other hand to cup and stroke your breast, gently circling and squeezing your nipple with your index finger and thumb. As you're touching yourself, close your eyes and play your favorite fantasy or sexy images in your mind. Thinking about steamy, sexy thoughts can be very mentally arousing and makes for some mind-blowing self-pleasuring, so let your imagination run wild.

Discover your favorite strokes

Different women have different preferences for clitoral stimulation, but most avoid direct stroking of the clitoris because it becomes so sensitive to the touch. Masturbation is a very personal thing, take your time to experiment with varying strokes and pressures until you find what you like best. Start gentle and keep the rhythm steady.

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