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Striptease 101

Sizzling foreplay he'll love: A steamy, sensual strip dance (for his eyes only!)
You don't have to be a mind reader to know that the thought of you taking it all off oh-so-slowly ranks high up there on your guy's list of favorite fantasies. It's another one of the mysteries about men: They love watching their woman get undressed, almost like a visual foreplay of some sort.

Striptease isn't just about peeling off your clothes, though. The operative word here is "tease" rather than "strip": All moves should be done tantalizingly slowly. And there's a technique to baring it all in the name of sensuality. The good news is that you don't have to know how to dance to do a striptease. Just try these pro-approved tips:

  • Bring on the music. Music gives you something to move to and the right song sets the mood. Try these super-sexy hits:
    "Sexy Back" -- Justin Timberlake
    "I'm A Slave 4 U" -- Britney Spears
    "Buttons" -- The Pussycat Dolls
    "Hot In Herre" -- Nelly
  • Whisper the rules in his ear: You're allowed to touch him, but he's not allowed to touch you.
  • Select outfit for maximum effect. To paraphrase Roxette, it's dress for a successful strip -- think clothing you can unbutton or unzip easily (over the head isn't very sexy), matching lingerie, and makeup to channel your inner femme fatale. For shoes, it's sexy high heels you can slip out off with ease. Bottom-line: Every article should allow you to take it off with finesse, not clumsiness.
  • Now for the moves... Start with taking off your shirt. Undo each button slowly, then let the shirt slip below your shoulders. Turn away from your guy, look over your shoulder (maintaining eye contact), and let your shirt fall to the ground.
  • Touch yourself slowly while swaying to the music, with your hands moving inside and outside your clothes. Run them over your breasts, belly or hips, calling attention to your best assets so his mind can "trace" where you touch. Also, remember to look flirtatiously into your man's eyes throughout -- it's a great way to connect with him during your striptease.
  • Slide out off your skirt. With your back to him and looking over your shoulder, push your skirt down slowly. Bend over slightly and show off your rear as you do this. When you have slid your skirt down to your hips, shimmy until it falls to the floor, and slowly step out of it.
  • Off goes the heels. Lifting one leg back at a time, slightly lean over and seductively remove the shoe.

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