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What He Really Wants In Bed

7 tips for finding out what turns your guy on.

Do you know what really turns your guy on? Getting him to share his sexual fantasies -- and spilling yours too -- can help add the lust factor back to your sex life and take your relationship to a higher level. Seven tips on how you can get him to open up.

1. Arouse his curiosity

If your guy's really shy, don't freak him out by asking outright. Instead, start by telling him that you're enjoying your romps, but you'd really like to bring the sex up to an even steamier level. Pause for a little suspense: He'll be all ears by now. Tell him how by sharing your erotic fantasies, you can seek new ways to please him and vice versa, and by adding that "it'll bring our relationship even closer."

2. Set your boundaries and expectations

Establish boundaries that you're both comfortable with. For example, set a rule of revealing only fantasies that involve the both of you (and not a third party), so he won't accidentally blurt out something totally off-limits -- like a secret fantasy of your best friend.

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