12 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Younger

Steal these age-erasing makeup tips and techniques.

On the eyes:

7. Open up your eyes. Get an instant eye lift by curling your lashes with a lash-curler and applying two coats of lengthening mascara.

8. Prep with a shadow primer. This is important if your lids have fine lines, which can exacerbate creasing. Before you apply your eyeshadow, prime lids with a base to smooth out the appearance of lines.

9. Lighten to brighten. The antidote to tired-looking peepers: Eyeshadow in a pale neutral shade like ivory or silver. Sweep the color along the upper lids to brighten up the eye area.

10. Get a browful. Thick, full brows are synonymous with youth. If you've overplucked your arches over the years, fake fullness by filling them in with a brow powder that's a shade lighter than your natural coloring.

On the lips:

11. Color your pout right. Nude lipstick can make you look washed out, while darker colors can make lips (which naturally thin with age) look even thinner. Your most flattering shade? A neutral rose or berry.

12. Use moisturizing lipstick for a glossier finish, which helps to make lips appear fuller.

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