Makeup Essentials for the Mature Skin


To condition the delicate eye area and prevent crow's feet, prep with eye gel as a base before you start applying eyeshadow.

Matte eyeshadows are wise choices. Never use bright, metallic or frosted highlighters and shadows which bring focus to the fine lines around your eye area.

When shopping for eyeshadows, pick powder-based types which do not cake into wrinkle creases, unlike cream-based eyeshadows.

Contour your eyes with matte shades of warm browns, olives, reddish-browns or lavender. If in doubt, opt for this foolproof eye color: eyeshadow that is a shade darker than your foundation, which gives your eyes a natural made-up finish. Dark colors like dark grey can weigh down your eyelids, so avoid them especially if you have hooded eyes or a sallow complexion.

If your eyebrows are a shade lighter than what they used to be, go easy on the eye pencil when defining your brows. Fill in with small feathered strokes and blend. Finally, complete your eye makeup with lash-lengthening mascara.

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