Makeup Essentials for the Mature Skin


Always use a lip liner before applying any lipstick to prevent the lipstick from creeping into the fine lines around your mouth. Blot with powder to set the color, then apply your lipstick. Dab with a tissue and re-apply the lipstick.

To condition and protect your lips, makeup experts suggest you coat a fine layer of vitamin E oil after your lipstick.

Using a strong lip color brings focus away from the eyes, useful if you want to divert attention away from the crow's feet. But lips tend to lose their plumpness as we age, so avoid using very dark shades of lip color, which will further emphasize the fact.


To finish off, paint your nails with natural tones of nail polish. Choose tones of medium-browns and reds which add a touch of elegance for mature women. Avoid pale colors and nude shades since they can age the hands.

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