Trim Your Own Bangs

The step-by-step to DIY bangs-cutting between your salon appointments.
If you have bangs, you know that they're pretty high-maintenance: You'll need regular trips to the salon to keep them in shape so they look sexy, not sloppy. But what if you don't have time to visit your hairstylist? Pushing it all back with a head band is a temporary alternative, or you can TYOB (trim your own bangs).

Trimming your bangs is easier than you might think, and it saves time and money between haircut appointments. To get started, you'll need scissors between 6 and 8 inches long -- the sharper the better. They should feel comfortable in your hand, not too heavy or unwieldy. Then, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Cut when your bangs are dry
If you have just washed your hair, wait for it to dry completely and style it in your usual fashion -- that way you'll be able to see you hair's true length and texture. Snipping bangs when they're wet is a no-no! You'll end up cutting it shorter than you'd like.

2. Gather your bangs together -- away from the rest of your hair
Look in the mirror and comb your bangs so they sit on the center of your forehead and form an inverted triangle, with the point at your nose. Hold the center of the triangle between your first two fingers with your non-dominant hand. (To prevent the rest of the hair from getting in the way, you can pin it up or tie it back into a ponytail.)

3. Slide your fingers down the strands
Until they are a quarter-inch or so above the tips. Then, cut straight across, using your fingers as a guide. Don't get too scissors-happy! Always cut less than you think you need to cut -- you can always go back and snip a little more.

4. Even out the bits
Turn the scissors vertical and snip any longer hairs along the edges to help bangs look even.

5. Inspect your handiwork
Brush your bangs, then check your bangs in the mirror. If you spot any other uneven sections, slide your fingers through your bangs again, and cut only the longer hairs so they match the shorter ones.

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