Beat Job Burnout

Job burnout is an increasingly common workplace phenomenon. Learn how to cope.

What you can do to beat job burnout

1. Address your dissatisfaction at work
Talk to your manager to explore options that may alleviate your stress. Sometimes, changing your job responsibilities or having your working shift reviewed can make a difference.

2. Set realistic goals
It's important to realize that you have limited control of any given situation. You can't be everything to everybody. Establishing personally meaningful goals will give you a sense of purpose, and help set direction and focus to your life.

3. Improve relationships
Try to become more social. Build friendships with your co-workers and nuture relationships with your family. Improving your relationships at home and at work can help you feel connected and buffer against the negative effects of stress. Having allies at work will also make you feel more in control even in difficult situations.

4. Talk to a career counsellor
If you constantly feel helpless about your work, seek the help of a career counsellor who can give you stress management advice and assist you in career planning by identifying your interests, values and skills. Job burnout is a reaction to work stress, so learning the methods of handling stress can help you gain control over your work life.

5. Consider a career change
Your career counsellor may suggest you find a job that's less demanding, especially if your career field is a highly stressful one. If the cause of burnout is related to poor work relationships, you may also want to consider switching jobs.

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