Glow-Giving Facial Massage

Tackle sluggish circulation and lymph drainage with a facial massage.
To rejuvenate a tired complexion, try a facial massage at home. Here's why: Puffiness and tired-looking skin are both very much a result of the sluggish state of your circulatory system, and via a massage you can stimulate your circulation to restore that pink glow to your face.

When the blood and lymphatic systems slow down in the body, toxic wastes and excess fluids build up within the cells. These fluids and toxins contribute to water retention, puffiness and skin dullness. A facial massage can help improve the drainage of lymph and flow of blood, just like how physical exercise can boost your circulation.

Face Massage

The best times to go about massaging is during your cleansing or moisturizing step. Be generous when applying moisturizer to give your massaging fingers a good slip and prevent excessive dragging of the skin.
  • Under Chin: Start by giving quick taps to the area under your chin using the back of your hands. This will help to boost circulation.

  • Mouth/ Chin: Using index and middle fingers, gently massage from your chin in an upward motion around your lips.

  • Jaw/ Lower Cheeks: Using the pad of your fingers, tap quickly along your jawline. Each tap should end with a light upward movement towards your ears. The upward lift will help counter the daily forces of gravity while the tapping will aid the lymphatic nodes to drain any waste build-ups in that area.

  • Cheekbones: Use gentle taps here to encourage blood flow for a pinkish glow. Then place your thumbs under the cheekbones where the hollows are and roll them in a circular motion.

  • Brows/ Forehead: Using your index, middle and ring fingers, gently massage back and forth from one side of the temple to the other in a circular motion. Then press your knuckles against the pressure points on the sides of your temples and massage in small rotations.

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