Hair Removal Methods: Pros and Cons

Which hair removal method is the best in terms of cost and efficiency? We evaluated.
For some of us, upper lip hair is an embarrassing fact of life. While these whiskers don't exactly count as a disfigurement, our lives can be 100 times happier without them. Upper lip hair, or facial hair in general, are usually determined by our genetics but natural aging process can sometimes result in the appearance of coarser facial hair.

What are the options for ridding those facial hair, and other unwanted body hair? We compare the pros and cons:


This is not quite removing the hair, but making it a tad less obvious. Only use bleach products that are made specially for facial hair and test on a small area first.
Pros: Minimal risk, Low cost, Effective
Cons: May not produce satisfactory result for darker-skinned women, May not be suitable for individual with sensitive skin.
Lasts: 2 weeks
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