"How Do I Give Myself A Face Massage?"


How do I give myself a facial massage and which type of skincare product is best for the job? My complexion looks dull and I'd like to get the glow back.

To bring that glow back to your complexion, give yourself a twice-weekly facial massage with a brightening or repairing night cream or serum. Although most day moisturizers and lotions can also be used, the best time for self-massage is really at night, just before you go to sleep. That's when your skin and body are at their most efficient in repairing and rejuvenating themselves.

Try this easy 3-step massage which stimulates circulation and helps restore a healthy rosy glow to tired-looking skin.

Step 1...
Apply a dollop of night cream or serum on your forehead. Starting at the centre of your forehead, gradually rub across the brow in circular motions using your ring and middle fingers. This helps increase absorption of the product.

Step 2...
Massages improve circulation to reduce fluid retention, so tired eyes can really benefit from eye massages. To minimize dark circles and puffiness, slide your middle and ring fingers firmly across, from the inner corners of your eyebrows outwards to the ends of your brows. Then using your ring fingers only, trace gently inwards under your eyes.

Step 3...
Avoid saggy skin by massaging upwards, moving from the chin to the earlobes in circular motions. Then, massage upwards from the corners of your mouth to the ears, using similar circular motions. And again, repeat the upward massage, this time from the nostrils to the temples.


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