Skin Toners, Tonics and Astringents

Your beauty guide to skin toners.
Should you be reaching for skin toners or astringents as the final step of your facial cleansing regime? Find out which toners work best for your skin needs.

Can Toners Shrink the Pores?

The simple answer is no. Don't buy into the baloney about closing the pores with toners and astringents. Despite claims to the contrary, toners cannot reduce the size of the pores. What happens is only a temporary effect caused by the dilation of your capillaries and the tightening of the tiny erectile muscles of the pores.

In that case, why do we still need toners? Skin toners and astringents are used after cleansing the skin with soap or any other facial cleanser and have the benefits of removing any remaining traces of makeup, grime and pollution from your face, toning and preparing your skin for the application of makeup as well as restoring the pH balance of the skin.

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