Hidden Fat Traps Around the House

See if you can spot these bad-health traps in your home!

Create a home that works with your healthy-eating goals, not against them. If you look hard enough, you may spot these fat traps around your house that are sabotaging your weight-loss intentions. Here are how you can give your home some health-smart spring cleaning.

fat trap #1:

Loading your cupboard with junk food

The result: You'll be the one who's going to eat them! Instead of storing up on unhealthy snacks and junk food, spend a little more money at the grocery store for fresh produce. Healthy items can be a tad more expensive, but you and your family are definitely worth the splurge.

fat trap #2:

Eating in front of the TV

Studies show that people who watch the most TV are the most likely to be overweight, so make your living room less TV-centric. If your dining table is arranged around the television, move the TV, or at the very least, turn it off during the family mealtimes.

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