Sugar & Diet: 10 Low-Sugar Ways to Lose Weight

Throw out your fat pants by cutting out sugar with these easy tips!

6. Blend your own fruit juice

Most of the fruit juices sold in supermarkets are really just processed juice sweetened with loads of sugars. Blending your own fruit juice is not only a much healthier alternative, it's also a whole lot fresher.

7. Create your own frozen desserts

If you absolutely must have desserts after a meal, try making your own frozen treats instead. Just juice your favorite fruits, then freeze the mixture to make fruit popsicles.

8. Eat more whole grains

Make whole grains like oatmeal, beans and lentils your carbohydrate of choice. These complex carbs are absorbed slowly by the body and are less likely to provoke a surge in sugar levels.

9. Serve less sugary alternatives

For tea-time snacks, try bagels instead of doughnuts and low-sugar wholegrain cookies instead of chocolate cookies.

10. Eat proteins first

Eating carbohydrates at the start of the meal tends to spike sugar levels, giving the body a sugar rush. When that dips, you start craving more carbs, creating a vicious cycle. So eat your proteins first before the carbs.

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