Sensitive Teeth

Learn the causes of tooth sensitivity and what to do to ease the pain.

5. Overexposure to tooth bleaching

If you have used a tooth bleaching product recently, this may explain your tooth sensitivity, which usually lasts temporarily. If you have been using tooth bleach for long periods of time, especially one that contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, your enamel may have worn away.

What to do: Ask your dentist for de-sensitising products to help relieve the symptoms.

6. Cracked tooth or filling

If your tooth is cracked, you can experience biting sensitivity (percussion sensitivity) which is a condition whereby pain occurs when you bite into anything. Biting sensitivity is a serious condition and you should seek treatment as soon as possible. Other possible causes for biting sensitivity include: loose filling, gum infection, infection at the root.

What to do: Seek dental treatment as soon as possible.

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