Toy Safety Checklist

Are your child's playthings really safe for play? Hidden hazards to look out for.

Toys and games are meant to be fun, but they can become hazardous if they're inappropriate for play or if otherwise safe toys are not age-appropriate for your child. Learn what hidden dangers to look for with our toy safety checklist.

Infants should never be given toys with the following:

  • Sharp points, edges or glass parts. These could lead to cuts and infections.

  • Any small parts that could pull off or fit into a child's nose, mouth or ear, like the eye of a stuffed animal, a small ball or building block.

  • Stickers that your child could accidentally swallow and choke on.

  • Lead paint or other toxic materials. Babies explore their world through their mouths, and there's a danger your child could lick off or swallow these potentially harmful substances.

  • Strings, ropes, ribbons or cords on toys can get tangled around small necks. Either cut these pieces off pull toys or put the toys away until your child is older.

  • Stuffed toys that are filled with brans or other small objects that could choke your child if the toy develops a rip or hole.

  • Hand-me-down toys that don't come with the original packaging, which means safety instructions, age grading and warning information are no longer available.

  • Projectile-type toys like guided missiles and flying toyd that can injure eyes.

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