Are You High Maintenance or Hard Work?
In guy lingo, there are two classifications to label demanding, hard-to-please girlfriends: 1) high maintenance and 2) hard work. Wonder what your man and his buddies are calling you the moment you're out of earshot?

1)   You know a guy is serious about you when he:

Gets you a nice ring worth 3 months of his salary

Invites you to meet his family

Tries real hard to please your parents and get into your friends' good books

2)   Your significant other has clean forgotten that today is your 3rd anniversary together.

He won't forget. You've told him in advance that you'd love to have that Tiffany necklace as a gift.

He's probably just too held up with his new job. You'll remind him that it's your anniversary and hope he'll make it up to you another day.

You scream, "Just 3 years and you've even forgotten the anniversary day?! It just shows how insignificant I am in your life!" Then go on a serious discussion on why he never seem to bother putting effort in this relationship.

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