Are You Too Suspicious?
Healthy relationships are built on trust. But sometimes you can't help but wonder what your man's really up to behind your back especially if he's acting a little odd lately. Or are you being too suspicious? Find out in this ShoppingLifestyle quiz.

1)   Your man's gone golfing, and he has forgotten to bring his mobile along. You:

Casually scroll through his inbox, feeling slightly guilty and invasive, then help him switch off the mobile.

Check his stored numbers and text messages. And also, try to spot suspicious-looking incoming and/ or outgoing calls.

Leave the phone alone, though you feel a little tempted to do some snooping.

2)   He says he's going out to meet up with Chris for a drink at Starbucks. You:

Call up Chris's girlfriend to double check once he leaves. (You've secretly spearheaded a gal buddy system with all his pals' girlfriends.)

Can't help but wonder if it's really Chris... or could it be Kris, whoever she is?

Curl up in your comfy sofa with a novel.

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