Acne Facts & Myths: Acne Causes and Treatments

The truths and myths on the causes of acne. And how to clear up your skin.

Acne Myths: What Won't Cause Acne

  • Dietary Factors. Chocolates, sugar, milk, oil and greasy food are often blamed for acne flares, but there is little evidence that diet plays a role in the development of acne. One exception, though, is iodide: Consuming large amounts of iodides (found in iodine-rich food such as seaweeds and kelp and vitamin health supplements) is not recommended for acne-prone individuals. The excessive iodides are excreted via the oil glands and may flare up the acne impactions.

  • Dirty Skin. Acne is formed from below the skin surface and is not caused by dirt blocking pores.

  • Sex or Masturbation. Neither sexual activity nor the lack of it has not been found to be linked to acne.

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