Get Cleavage: Bra, Makeup and Celeb Tricks

Steal these tricks for a sexy décolleté.
To us, a sexy décolleté has little to do with one's cup size, and everything to do with skin care, confidence, and making the most of what you're blessed with. Steal these tricks for a naturally sexy cleavage we say, and get ready to flaunt your assets.


Age-proof your décolleté

We protect our face with SPF but we often forget to do the same for our chest. Big mistake, because all the sun exposure accelerates skin aging and the delicate décolleté shows age fast. So be sure to extend your sunscreen regime downward whenever you are wearing a low neckline. And don't forget to moisturize daily.


Add a sexy glow

Baring your shoulders in a strapless party dress? Dust a light sweep of shimmery luminizer along the collarbones and décolleté to get your skin gleaming and looking oh-so-touchable.


Practice red-carpet posture

One more reason to practice good posture: It creates a natural boob lift! If you're a sloucher, Hollywood physical therapist Dr. Paul Drew, author of Red Carpet Posture, has these tips to improve posture: Keep your shoulder blades down and back (imagine you are trying to hold a tennis ball between your shoulder blades) with your head aligned over your shoulders. Check your posture several times throughout the day until it feels natural and automatic.


Make the most of your bra

The right bra can work wonders. If your girls are on the small side, look for a smooth push-up bra with bottom and side paddings. Want even more oomph? Try twisting the fabric between the cups of your bra before slipping into it -- the extra twist pulls the cups closer, enhancing cleavage.


Try this contouring trick

When you want to enhance your twins for special occasions, try this classic Hollywood trick that makeup artists use to give slender A-listers like Keira Knightley the illusion of a fuller buxom: Swirl a blush brush in a matte bronzing powder that's one shade darker than your skin tone. Sweep it down the middle of your chest, between your breasts, then blend up and outward for the most natural look. Instant cleavage!

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