How To Get The Perfect Faux Tan

Simple step-by-step to fake a summer tan!
There's no denying it -- a tan makes your skin look amazing. Apart from bestowing that sexy golden glow, it also hides a multitude of flaws -- from cellulite to less-than-toned skin to small veins on the legs.

While you can get a tan the old-fashioned way (aka exposing yourself to harmful UV rays), a far healthier option is the faux tan. Using self-tanner, however, can be tricky. But fret not, you'll find the foolproof step-by-step right here.



Self-tanners work by dyeing the top layer of your skin, which is made up of "dead" skin cells. Thus to ensure an even tan, you should first exfoliate skin with a scrub in the shower to get rid of flakiness.



Follow exfoliation by thoroughly shaving your legs while in the shower. The area should be as smooth as possible before you self-tan.


Lotion up

It's important to apply moisturizer before you tan -- this allows the tanning ingredient DHA to attach evenly onto your skin. You don't need to coat your entire body; just concentrate on the drier bits -- like your elbows, knees and ankles -- as these tend to show up darker if you don't prep.



If you're a novice, try a tinted cream or lotion formula so you can see where you're applying, and don't forget to enlist a friend or your partner to get your back. To make your faux tan look as natural as possible, follow these tips:

  • Always start with a light-color formula. Try not to go darker than medium color, no matter what your skin tone. You can always apply more if the tan isn't dark enough for you.
  • Applying tanner with a damp sponge can help the product go on evenly and avoid streaking. Start with arms and legs, then smooth in circular motions on your chest and belly, and back.
  • Apply less product on places that normally tan lighter than the rest of your body, such as the tops of your feet, around the ankles and the tops of your hands.
  • For a believeable result, avoid tanning your heels, the inside of your harms, your fingers and under your arms.
  • Apply self-tanner lightly and evenly to the face, including the nostril area, ears and neck.


Remember the backs of hands

Wash your hands thoroughly with lots of soap and warm water to avoid orange palms. Dry your hands and use your knuckle to scoop out a tiny amount of tanner onto the back of one of your hands. Rub the backs of your hands together to evenly distribute the product.

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