Is It Okay To Pop A Pimple?


I know you're never supposed to pick at a zit, but mine has turned a ripe white and it's just begging to be squeezed. Isn't there a good way to pop it?

Picking at zits can be detrimental to the skin, but if your pimple has surfaced and turned white, you can gently remove it. It'll actually help the skin by relieving the pressure inside, says Paula Begoun, beauty consultant and author of The Beauty Bible.

Here's how to do it right:

Soften the blemish...
Wash your face with a cleanser first, then pat dry. Next, soak a towel in warm water and place it over the pimple for approximately ten minutes. This softens the lesion, making removal easier. Remove towel and pat skin dry.

Extracting the zit...
Wrapping a tissue around each finger, apply even, gentle pressure to the sides of the blemish area. If the white stuff doesn't budge after one or two tries, forget it and re-attempt another day. The key is to squeeze gently: Take care not to over-squeeze or scrape the skin with your fingernails. Continue pressing to empty the content within the lesion.

Disinfecting the area...
Be sure to follow with a topical antibacterial gel or solution such as benzoyl peroxide to reduce inflammation.


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