Pimples In Pubic Area


Every once in a while I notice the odd pimple in my bikini area that takes a long time to go away. Should I see a doctor?

These large persistent bump-like lesions may not be pimples, but possibly furuncles which are caused by inflammation of the hair follicles (a condition called folliculitis). Folliculitis can occur as a result of many things, including simple friction from clothing or shaving.

Furuncles resemble pimples, so in order to find out for sure what the lesion is, you should consult your dermatologist.

But since most over-the-counter acne preparations have anti-inflammatory properties, they can be helpful in treating the occasional small furuncle you get. However, if you see a worsening of outbreaks or if the furuncles are large, it's best to see a doctor.


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