Review: The Body Shop Blueberry Scrub Gelee

news / 2014-02-12

We road-test this latest offering from The Body Shop.
There are body scrubs and then there are body scrubs. How does The Body Shop's latest special-edition offering measure up? See our review below.

Product name

The Body Shop Blueberry Scrub Gelee

Where to get it

The Body Shop stores


This looks and smells just like the sweet blueberry preserves that you spread on your crumpet for afternoon tea. Except you can't actually eat it because it's a body scrub! But still it manages to whet our appetite the minute we open the lid and take a whiff...ah, berry nirvana!

So needless to say, shower time turns out to be a delicious affair. As mentioned, the Scrub Gelee looks like blueberry jam, from the deep purple color and gel texture, right down to the tiny bits of berry seeds -- the latter actually helps with the exfoliation process.

A generous dollop is all that's needed for the whole body and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Our verdict

As an exfoliator, it certainly does the job. And frankly, so do a lot of other body scrubs. But if you are looking for that oh-so-delicious Epicurean experience, this can't be beat.

The scrub is part of The Body Shop's new Blueberry range, which includes body butter, lip butter, body lotion and shower gel. By the way, the range is special edition and will only be available in stores for six months only. So if you don't want to miss it, you have to hurry.

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