Office Workout

Need a little stretch? Try these easy exercises you can do at your desk.
Can't get away from your desk? You can still give your blood circulation a boost while you're working. Take a break after every hour of work on the computer to stretch and move around -- any movement is better than none. Here are some light office exercises you can do at your desk to avoid getting sore and worn out.

What you'll need:
A water bottle filled with water.

Wrist stretch

Extend your left arm in front, palm facing away from you. With your right hand, gently pull your left fingers towards you, holding for 30 seconds. Repeat for the other hand.

Leg extension

Sit straight with your tummy tucked in and straighten your left leg until it's parallel to the floor. Hold for 3 counts, lower and repeat for 15 reps. Repeat for the other leg.

Leg lift

Sit straight with your abs in and, keeping your knees bent, raise your left foot slightly off the floor. Hold for 3 seconds and lower. Do 15 reps and repeat for the right leg.


Stand and slowly lower into a squat, with your arms out touching the edge of your desk for balance. Hold for 3 seconds and return to standing position. Do 15 reps.

Back stretch

Sit tall and clasp your hands behind your head. Gently push your elbows back and hold for 20 seconds.

Torso twist

Sit straight with both feet planted on the floor. Place your left hand behind your left hip. Slowly twist your torso to the left, moving your right hand over to touch the left edge of your seat. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Side stretch

Sit tall with both feet on the floor. Holding a water bottle in your hands, raise arms towards the ceiling. Slowly stretch your torso to the left while contracting your abs. Hold for 2 counts and return to center, then repeat stretch for the right side. Do 8 reps.

Bicep curl

Sit straight, holding the water bottle in your left hand, and lift bottle towards your chest for 15 reps. Repeat with right hand.

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