Can You Choose the Gender of Your Next Baby?

Trying for a boy? Or a girl? Maybe these folk wisdom can help.
Is it really possible to choose the sex of your next baby -- without high-tech help from fertility clinics, that is? Although they're far from proven, some couples tout these sex-selection folk wisdom for conceiving a son or daughter. But well, there's no harm trying, is there?

1. Choose the right position

The rear-entry position is said to be best for couples wanting a boy because it deposits the male sperm closer to the egg and farther away from the vagina's acidic environment. Try the missionary position to go for a girl because shallow penetration makes it harder for weaker male sperm to reach the egg.

2. Go for the "O"

(If you want a boy, that is.) When a woman climaxes, the vagina becomes less acidic and more alkaline. The alkaline pH level supposedly makes it easier for male sperm to survive. Plus the contractions that accompany an orgasm help move the male sperm into the cervix.

3. Check the Chinese conception chart

Legend has it that a Chinese gender chart which has around for some 700 years is capable of predicting what dates will result in a boy or girl conception with over 90 percent accuracy -- based on the mother's age and month of conception! To conceive a baby of the desire sex, simply time your intercourse accordingly.

4. Watch what you eat

Six weeks before trying for a baby, start a diet rich in potassium (red meats, vegetables and salt) if you want a son, or one that's high in calcium and magnesium (milk, cheese, cereals, beans) if you want a daughter. These diets are thought to affect the vagina's pH level, which may determine the gender of the baby a woman conceives.

5. Monitor the moon

Women's menstrual cycles (and therefore ovulation) can be affected by the monthly push and pull of the moon's elecromagnetic field. If you're trying for a girl, have sex when the moon is full; for a baby boy, make love when there's a quarter moon.

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