Newborn Care: How to Diaper Your Baby

Guide to changing diapers for your little one.
Babies' diapers should be changed frequently to maintain hygiene. Here's how to diaper your baby:

Changing Diapers

  1. Lay your baby on his back on the changing surface. To remove the soiled diaper, unfasten the diaper tabs or pins then use one hand to raise the baby by his ankles while you slide the dirty diaper from beneath him with the other hand. (Keep the soiled diaper out of baby's reach.)

  2. Clean the diaper area well with a wet washcloth. Avoid using baby wipes if your baby is a newborn. Baby girls should be wiped front to back to avoid getting stools in the urethra, which could cause urinary infections. It's not uncommon for baby boys to spray their parents in mid-change - to avoid unexpected spraying, place a diaper or towel over his penis after you remove the soiled diaper.

  3. To put on a fresh diaper, slip a new diaper underneath the baby then pull the front up over his belly and pull the diaper tabs around to the fastening surface. Make sure you fold the diaper down to avoid irritation of the umbilical stump.
    Fasten Safety Pin with Care
    If you are using cloth diapers, put the baby over the diaper, and attach the corners with a safety pin while placing two fingers between the diaper and the baby to avoid pricking him.

Diapering Pointers

  • Diaper changes are best done on a changing table with a washable surface, but never leave the baby unattended as he may fall off the table when you are not looking.

  • If the baby has diaper rash, diaper changes should be frequent and, whenever possible, the skin in the diaper area should be allowed to "air out" in between diaper changes.

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