Newborn Care: How to Prevent Diaper Rash

Learn the causes of nappy rash, prevention tips and how to treat it.

How to Prevent and Treat Diaper Rash:

  • Change diaper regularly.
    Check your baby's diaper every hour and change it often, as soon as it's soiled or wet.

  • Keep the diaper area clean, cool and dry.
    When changing diaper, allow your baby's skin to dry before putting on a fresh diaper. Avoid plastic pants - non-breathing materials raise the temperature and moisture in the diaper area. Heat, moisture and irritated skin make it easier for diaper rash to develop.
    Don't Use Talcum Powder
    Don't use talcum powder for your baby - the fine powder can get into your baby's lungs.

  • Rinse cloth diapers with vinegar and disinfect.
    If you are using cloth diapers, add a cup of plain white kitchen vinegar to each load during the final rinse cycle. This acidic pH level helps increase your baby's resistance to diaper rash. Also, try boiling the diapers for 15 minutes after washing to get all the soap and germs out.

  • Change soap, wipes or diapers.
    Change the type of wipes, diapers or soap you're using. If the rash persists, avoid soap and baby wipes altogether - commercial baby wipes and soap may be too harsh for your baby's skin. When changing a diaper, clean the skin with cool water and then apply a thin layer of zinc oxide ointment or petroleum jelly to soothe the skin.
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