Newborn Care: Nursing Bottles & Milk Formula

Learn more about the feeding bottles and milk formulas options for bottle-feeding.
While breastfeeding is best, what are some of the things to consider for mums who want to bottle-feed? Read on for nursing bottles and milk formulas guide.


Nursing bottles come in 3 standard sizes: 100ml (4oz), 200ml (8oz) and 250ml (9oz). Typically, the 100ml bottles are used for newborns. Larger bottles are more versatile as they can still be used when your baby becomes a toddler.

Feeding bottles fall into 3 basic categories:
  • Standard Bottles:
    These bottles are marked in both ounces and ml measurement units for easy and precise portion control of the formula. It's best to buy clear transparent bottles so that you can observe the milk flow as your baby drinks it.

  • Angle-Neck Bottles:
    These bottles are specially designed with the teat kept filled with liquid, reducing a baby's air intake while feeding. They also help promote holding the baby's head in an unright position when feeding.

  • Disposable Bottles:
    These have a hard plastic shell called the nurser, which holds disposable plastic bags. The bags are pre-sterilized for one-time use only. This comes with a special teat and screw-on collar that holds the bag in place.

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