Is Coffee Safe During Pregnancy?


Is it necessary to give up caffeine while pregnant? I'd really hate to give up my morning cup of coffee.

The less caffeine you consume, the better, but experts state that light to moderate consumption of caffeine hasn't been found to have a negative effect on pregnancy. The definition of moderate, according to American Pregnancy Association, varies anywhere from 150 to 300 milligrams a day.

And because caffeine content varies from beverage to beverage, it's helpful to know how much caffeine is in your favorite drink:

  • Starbucks grande coffee (16 oz) 400 mg
  • Starbucks house blend coffee (16 oz) 259 mg
  • Ground roasted coffee (6 oz) 102mg
  • Instant coffee (6 oz) 72mg
  • Decaffeinated coffee (6 oz) 4mg
  • Green tea (6 oz) 40 mg
  • Black tea (6 oz) 45 mg
  • 7 Eleven big gulp diet coke (32 oz) 124 mg
  • 7 Eleven big gulp coca-cola (32 oz) 92 mg

  • Bottom line: It's probably safe to enjoy your morning cup of coffee but it's best to keep your caffeine intake to under 300 milligrams a day.

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