Walking Workout Guide

Walk your way to a slimmer, more toned you!

Your Walking Plan

To get the best results from your walk, you have to be consistent. Choose a routine that fits your life and tailor the frequency, duration and intensity according to your fitness goals:

If you want to burn fat and tone your trouble zones, try walking with weights or walking up hilly terrain. Or you can try high-intensity interval training: Instead of coasting along at the same speed, alternate your brisk walking with 2-minute bouts of power walking or Jumping Jacks.

Even if you have only 20 minutes, you can maximize your walk by going for speed. This helps burn as much fat as possible in a short workout. You'll burn 25 percent more calories for every 0.5 mph increase.

If you have an hour to work out, you can incorporate these strength-training moves into your routine. Strength-training helps build lean muscle, keeping your metabolism revved even when you're not exercising.

1. Tree Sit

Targets legs and butt
Reps: 10
  • 1. Lean back against tree trunk or wall, slowly sliding down so knees are bent at 90 degrees and directly above ankles.
  • 2. Hold for 20 counts, then return to standing position.

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