5 Diet Lies You Need to Know

Deceptive diet myths that could be sabotaging your weight loss plan.

Tried every diet plan from counting calories, shunning carbs to drinking bizarre weight-loss shakes but nothing works?
Mark Hyman, M.D., author of the breakout diet book Ultrametabolism, shares his expert insight on the common diet myths that could be thwarting your efforts to lose weight.

Diet Myth #1:

Eat Less + Exercise More = Weight Loss

Restricting calories turns on ancient mechanisms that prevent starvation. "These slow your metabolism to conserve energy and trigger a cascade of molecules in the blood so you receive hunger signals that are too strong to ignore all leading to weight gain," says Hyman.

Diet Myth #2:

You can control weight by counting calories

All calories are not created equal. Food that enters your blood stream quickly promotes weight gain; food that enters slowly promotes weight loss. For example, sugar from soda enters your blood very rapidly; the calories you aren't using is stored as fat. The same amount of sugar from kidney beans enters your blood slowly. "Because your body has a greater chance to make use of the calories over time, more is burned and less stored," explains Hyman.

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