Low-Fat Foods Shopping List

Stay healthy and cut back fatty food with our sensible low-fat diet food list.
High-fat diets are linked to many health problems, including high blood cholesterol and obesity. Cut back on fat with the following handy food lists:

High-fat foods to avoid

  1. Fried foods including french fries, fried nuggets and fried chips. These are cooked by deep frying, whereby the food is submerged in hot oil or fat. In other words, they soaked with oil.
  2. Mayonnaise, thousand island dressing, cream sauce, hollandaise sauce. Go easy on high fat salad dressings. Just 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise, for example, contains 5 grams of fat!
  3. Confectionery. Food items that are rich in sugar -- such as sweets, candy bars, chocolates, desserts, ice-cream and jam spreads.
  4. Whole-fat animal products such as butter, full-cream milk and cheeses. 100g of whole milk, for example, has 3.5 grams of fat while skimmed milk contains just 0.3 gram. So substitute your dairy with low-fat and skimmed versions whereever possible.
  5. Processed meat such as sausages, salted pork products, bacons and luncheon meat are typically made from the fatty animal parts, and they loaded with high amounts of sodium.
  6. Cakes, cookies, doughnuts. With butter, eggs, sugar and wheat as their main ingredients, these sweet pastries and snacks are rich in sugar and fat.

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