Newborn Care: How to Bathe Your Baby

Happy bath time! Bathing pointers and umbilicus care for your baby.
Time to bathe your little one. Need help? Read on for step-by-step bathing guides and care tips.

Things to Note When Giving a Bath
  • Never leave the baby unattended during a bath, no matter how shallow the water level is.

  • Line up all your supplies beforehand so you don't have to leave the baby unattended while you go fetch them. Here is a list of cleaning supplies you'd need:
    Baby Bath Cleaning Supplies
    ▪ Mild soap
    ▪ Baby shampoo
    ▪ Washcloth
    ▪ Towel
    ▪ Cotton balls
    ▪ Rubbing alcohol
    ▪ Diaper
    ▪ Clean clothes
  • The best time to bathe the baby is in the morning before feeding (when a baby is most alert) or night time as the warm water can lull the baby to sleep.

  • To prevent your baby from catching a chill, keep him covered as much as possible. Keep his bottom half wrapped in a towel while you are washing his top half. Similarly, keep his top half covered when washing his bottom.

  • You can expect the baby to be uncooperative or cry for the first few baths, but he will soon become used to it. Try talking or singing songs while you wash your baby .

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