Newborn Care: How to Bathe Your Baby

Happy bath time! Bathing pointers and umbilicus care for your baby.
Giving a Tub Bath
After the umilical cord falls off, the baby can be bathed in a baby bath basin or sink using soap and shampoo and (optional) a soft washcloth.

Pointers to Remember for Tub Baths:
The basin or sink only needs an inch or two of warm water, just deep enough to keep some of the baby's body immersed. The water temperature should be cooler than your own bath water. No matter how shallow the water level, never leave the baby unattended.

  1. Always lower your baby slowly into the bath water, supporting his shoulders with one hand and his bottom with the other.

  2. Support the baby's head with one arm securely under and around him, leaving your other hand free for washing.

  3. When you have finished bathing the baby, lift him out with one hand around his shoulders and the other under his bottom. Wrap the baby in a towel and dry him thoroughly, paying attention to all the creases, fingers and toes.

  4. Apply a pea-sized dab of a baby shampoo or mild soap and gently massage the scalp. Wipe off all traces of the suds with a washcloth dipped in warm water. Dry thoroughly to avoid chills.

  5. Use a lotion if the baby has dry skin. Put on a clean diaper and clothes.

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