Top 10 Diet Mistakes

One of these could be the real reason you're not losing weight.

You've sworn off desserts and clocked in more hours at the gym, but still your bathroom scale refuses to budge. Why is it so darned difficult to shake off those extra pounds? That's because you're likely making at least one of these ten most common diet mistakes, say experts. Here, how you can makeover your diet, so you'll lose weight the healthy way.

Diet Mistake #1:

Skipping breakfast

If you're trying to lose weight by missing breakfast, think again: Experts agree that skipping breakfast in the a.m. usually leads to overeating later in the day. You're likely to make up for the missed meal by giving into a craving for unhealthy snacks. Jump-start your metabolism by eating first thing in the morning.

Diet Mistake #2:

Substituting meals with protein bars and shakes

Unless you're an athlete with special needs, sports medicine specialists and dieticians do not recommend having a protein bar or shake on a regular basis prior or after workouts. Most protein shakes and energy bars are processed foods, which lack many nutrients. Always eat a normal meal (i.e., real food), and at most, have a bar or shake occasionally.

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