Top 10 Diet Mistakes

One of these could be the real reason you're not losing weight.

Diet Mistake #3:

Jumping on the latest fad diet

A fad diet sounds tempting because it makes weight loss sound easy. If you can get results fast, it's worth a shot, right? Wrong. Fad diets not only promote eating programs that are unhealthy and unbalanced, there's usually a long list of side effects. Plus, the results rarely last.

Diet Mistake #4:

Not eating before training

Doing cardio on an empty stomach is self-defeating. Our body needs fuel to perform its best, and not eating will decrease our ability to sustain a given exercise intensity. Get your fill from complex carbs.

Diet Mistake #5:

Waiting too long to eat after workout

Aim to eat a small meal made up of protein and complex carbs within an hour after exercise. It helps speed up metabolism and aids in muscle repair and growth.

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