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Vegetables & BeansTotal Time
Vegetable Curry27 min
String Bean and Mushroom Casserole45 min
Roasted Vegetables and Ceps45 min
Grilled Vegetable Sandwich With Mayonnaise and Cheese35 min
Broccoli and Tofu Stir-Fry With Mushrooms15 min
Oatmeal with Fruit and Nuts15 min
Sautéed Mushrooms35 min
Baked Potato Skins90 min
Roasted Rosemary Fingerling Potatoes30 min
Grilled Eggplant35 min
Steamed Cauliflower30 min
Green Beans With Lemon-Garlic Sauce18 min
Parmesan Spinach with Cream58 min
Roasted Cajun Potatoes60 min
Roasted Potatoes with Herbs30 min
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