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Desserts & DrinksTotal Time
Apple-Cranberry Crumble100 min
Strawberry and Green Tea Smoothie5 min
Baked Apple Crisp55 min
Red Wine-Poached Pears50 min
Cream Puffs With Warm Chocolate Sauce55 min
Watermelon Lime Slush120 min
Banana-Peach Breakfast Smoothie5 min
Cranberry Bread Pudding30 min
Poached Pear with Yogurt and Honey40 min
Concord Grape Martini15 min
Banana Chocolate Pudding With Graham Crackers20 min
Chocolate Banana Martini5 min
High-Fiber Apple and Berry Crumble38 min
Chocolate Orange Cake45 min
Cherry Yogurt Dessert15 min
Lemongrass Margaritas5 min
Watermelon-Lemonade Spritzers8 min
Carrot Cake150 min
Mint Tea Punch10 min
Asian Banana Fritters20 min
Vanilla Milkshake3 min
Vanilla Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce35 min
Low-Fat Lemony Chocolate Truffles20 min
Berry and Yogurt Parfait5 min
Pumpkin Smoothie5 min
Tropical Shake5 min
Chocolate Cake70 min
Strawberry Jelly Roll Cake115 min
Banana Fruit Smoothie5 min
Fat-Free Banana-Mango Parfait5 min
Cranberry Smoothie5 min
Peanut Butter-Caramel Apples with Vanilla Ice-Cream260 min
Fresh Fruit with Raspberry Lime Dipping Sauce20 min
Strawberry Lemon Cream Cake25 min
Raspberry Flax Smoothie5 min
Pineapple Carrot Smoothie15 min
Cherries Jubilee with Frozen Yogurt30 min
Cosmopolitan2 min
Baked Apple Halves with Maple Cream60 min
Chocolate Fondue20 min
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