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Poultry & EggsTotal Time
Turkey Cannellini Chili25 min
Smoked Paprika-Garlic Chicken60 min
Spicy Honey-Orange Chicken20 min
Potato, Ham and Cheese Frittata25 min
Easy Chicken Curry60 min
Plum Chicken Thighs25 min
Chicken and Avocado Tacos50 min
Omelet with Cheese25 min
Chipotle Chicken35 min
Grilled Turkey Burgers27 min
Asian Grilled Chicken Breasts15 min
Smoked Salmon Omelet (Frittata)25 min
Indian Chicken Casserole75 min
Spinach & Goat Cheese Italian Omelet (Frittata)30 min
Sauteed Chicken Cutlets15 min
Duck Breast with Honey and Spices25 min
Lemon Chicken Strips20 min
Grilled Chicken with Goat Cheese & Apple30 min
Deviled Chicken Thighs30 min
Pan-Roasted Chicken with Garlic Cloves130 min
Chicken Tacos22 min
Oregano Chicken30 min
Ginger-Chicken Curry28 min
Grilled Honey-Soy Chicken30 min
Classic Fried Chicken110 min
Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetable Brochettes (Skewers)20 min
Indian Curry Chicken55 min
Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms and Onions10 min
Japanese Steamed Egg Custard (Chawanmushi)35 min
Roasted Chicken and Cheese Sandwich8 min
Thai Peanut Chicken23 min
Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes and Herbs10 min
Chicken Pot Pies60 min
Chicken Florentine30 min
Curry Turkey and Mango Wraps (Burritos)20 min
Thai Green Curry Chicken60 min
Eggs en Cocotte With Spinach10 min
Low-Fat Egg-White Omelet15 min
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